CILN Working Papers

wp48 Audra Bowlus
Louise Grogan
Equlibrium Job Search and Gender Wage Differentials in the UK
wp47 David A Green
W Craig Riddell
Literacy, Numeracy and Labour Market Outcomes in Canada
wp46 Deborah Cobb-Clark
Thomas F Crossley
Gender, Comparative Advantage and Labor Market Activity in Immigrant Families
wp45 Mikal Skuterud The Impact of Sunday Shopping Deregulation on Employment and Hours of Work in the Retail Industry:  Evidence from Canada
wp44 Susan Johnson The Growth and Decline of Unions in Canada and the United States: A Stock-Flow Approach
wp43 John Flemming
John Micklewright
Income Distribution, Economic Systems and Transition
wp42 John Micklewright
Kitty Stewart
Is Child Welfare Converging in the European Union?
wp41 W Bentley Macleod A Note on the Optimality of Bonus Pay
wp40 Xin Meng
Robert G Gregory
Impact of Interupted Education on Earnings:
The Educational Cost of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
wp39 Miles Corak Death and Divorce: The Long Term Consequences of Parental Loss on Adolescents
wp38 Lori Curtis
Martin Dooley
Child Health and Family Socioeconomic Status in the Canadian National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
wp37 Heather Antecol An Examination of Cross-Country Differences in the Gender Gap in Labor Force Participation Rates
wp36 W. Craig Riddell Canadian Labour Market Performance in International Perspective: Presidential Address to the Canadian Economics Association 
wp35 Shelley Phipps Economics and Well-Being of Canadian Children
wp34 W. Craig Riddell Measuring Unemployment and Structural Unemployment
wp33 Susan Johnson Card Check or Mandatory RepresentationVote?
How The Type of Union Recognition Procedure Affects Union Certification Success
wp32 James Andreoni
Eleanor Brown
Isaac C. Rischall
Charitable Giving by Married Couples: Who Decides and Why Does it Matter?
wp31 Herb Schuetze
Peter Kuhn
Self-Employment Dynamics and Self-Employment Trends: A Study of Canadian Men and Women, 1982-1995
wp30 Isaac C. Rischall The Effect of High School Effort on Future Earnings
wp29 Isaac C. Rischall The Roles of Education, Skill and Parental Income in Determining Wages
wp28 Isaac C. Rischall The Value of a Fresh Start: Earnings Persistence and the Migration of Single Mothers
wp27 Martin Browning
Tom Crossley
Shocks, stocks and socks: consumption smoothing and the replacement of durables during an unemployment spell
wp26 Heather Antecol
Kelly Bedard
Against All Odds: The Surprising Labor Market Success of Young Mexican Women
wp25 Heather Antecol Why is there Inter-Ethnic Variation in the Gender Wage Gap? The Role of "Cultural" Factors
wp24 Martin Browning
Tom Crossley
Unemployment Insurance Benefit Levels and Consumption Changes
wp23 Heather Antecol
Peter Kuhn
Employment Equity Programs and the Job Search Outcomes of Men and Women: Actual and Perceived Effects
wp22 Thomas F. Crossley Firms and Wages: Evidence from Displaced Workers
wp21 Jennifer Stewart
Martin Dooley
The Duration of Spells on Welfare and Off-welfare among Lone Mothers in Ontario
wp20 Peter Kuhn
Arthur Sweetman
Vulnerable Seniors: Unions, Tenure and Wages Following Permanent Job Loss
wp19 Kelly Bedard Human Capital Versus Signaling Models: University Access and High School Drop-outs
wp18 Peter Kuhn
Arthur Sweetman
Assimilation and Economic Success in an Aboriginal Population: Evidence from Canada
wp17 Martin D. Dooley The Evolution of Welfare Participation Among Canadian Lone Mothers From 1973 ­ 1991
wp16 Lori Curtis
Martin D. Dooley
Ellen L. Lipman
David H. Feeny
The Role of Permanent Income and Family Structure in the Determination of Child Health in the Ontario Child Health Study
wp15 LaDonna A. Pavetti A New Social Contract: Moving to a Work-Based Assistance System
wp14 Gary Burtless The Job Prospects of U.S. Welfare Recipients: Lousier Pay but Bigger Earnings Supplements
wp13 J.B. Burbidge
L. Magee
A.L. Robb
Cohort, Year and Age Effects in Canadian Wage Data
wp12 Martyn Andrews
Alan Harrison
Testing for Efficient Contracts in Unionized Labour Markets
wp11 Herb J. Schuetze Taxes, Economic Conditions And Recent Trends in Male Self-Employment: A Canada-U.S. Comparison
wp10 Peter Kuhn Canada and the "OECD Hypothesis": Does Labour Market Inflexibility Explain Canada's High Level of Unemployment?
wp9 Stephen R. G. Jones
W. Craig Riddell
The Measurement Of Unemployment: An Empirical Approach
wp8 Pierre Lefebvre
Philip Merrigan
Martin Dooley
Lone Female Headship and Welfare Policy in Canada
wp7 Heather Antecol
Peter Kuhn
Gender as an Impediment to Labor Market Success: Why do Young Women Report Greater Harm?
wp6 John Myles
Paul Pierson
Friedman's Revenge: The Reform of "Liberal" Welfare States In Canada and the United States
wp5 Jeff Borland Earnings Inequality in Australia: Changes and Causes
wp4 Jeff Borland Union Effects and Earnings Dispersion in Australia, 1986-1994
wp3 Robert Gregory
Boyd Hunter
The Macro Economy and the Growth of Income and Employment Inequality in Australian Cities
wp2 Peter Kuhn Labour Market Polarization: Canada in International Perspective
wp1 Peter Kuhn
A. Leslie Robb
Shifting Skill Demand and the Canada-US Unemployment Gap: Evidence from Prime-Age Men

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